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    VDP losts all VM to save in the job after vMotion

    GaelV Enthusiast

      Hi community !


      I just face a big issue maybe a known issue, while I was checking my VDP jobs.

      Here's my infra: vCenter 6.5U2 + VDP 6.1 + ESXi 6.5U2


      - My backup job was made to save 25VMs from a cluster of 5 ESXis.

      - The backup job unticked (2 weeks ago...) 20/25VMs it has to save.

      - Crossing the email log + events that happened last 2 weeks on ESXi and vCenter; i think the backup job losts what it has to save due to VM vMotion.


      By the way, some of the "losts" VM have RDM disk, others have regular disks like vmdk (virtual disk).


      Do some of you have already faced to this issue ?


      Thanks for reading/answering