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      • 15. Re: Can't Install VMware Bridge Protocol After Fall Creators Update
        elfegoislas Lurker

        People, I just ran into this same problem.

        I couldn't install VMware bridge protocol, but the actual problem was that I couldn't  bridged vmnet0.

        I spent about 5 hours trying to solve the issue.


        Then, reading your replies, I just clicked the Restore Defaults button on Virtual Network Editor and it worked !!!

        Of course I had to reconfigure all my network settings, but in my case I had the default (3 adapters).

        Now I can bridge my vmnet0, and it was not necessary to install the vm bridge protocol.


        Hope this help.

        • 16. Re: Can't Install VMware Bridge Protocol After Fall Creators Update
          samezrp Lurker


          I managed to solve this problem.

          In my case problem was ZoneAlarm, it prevented from adding Bridge protocol to network adapter, even if I was logged in as Administrator. I uninstalled ZoneAlarm, reinstalled VMWare player, adapters appeared on the list, so I installed ZoneAlarm again and voila!

          I hope it will help you as well.

          • 17. Re: Can't Install VMware Bridge Protocol After Fall Creators Update
            efiong Lurker

            My symptoms: bridged networking was not working. Any attempt to restore defaults in network editor was hanging during network driver install. Tried turning off all antivirus settings in Windows. Tried reinstalling VMware. Could not uninstall VMWare Bridge Protocol.


            MikDima's post helped me resolve the issue on Windows 10 build 1903.


            so at administrator's command prompt I did...


            pnputil.exe -d Oem26.inf


            ...then in View Network connections even though I couldn't uninstall the existing driver, I was able Install | Service | Have Disk on the network adapter go to

            C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation and pick netbridge.inf


            Once this was done I checked that I was able to untick VMWare Bridge Protocol on the adapter and click OK : it worked where before I was getting an error.


            Now I could go to Virtual Network Editor in VMWare and restore defaults. It completed quickly and networking was working again.



            Background: I glossed over MikDima's post initially thinking it looked too technical but after a few hours of trying other suggestions I was searching the registry for "vmware_bridge" and happened across Oem26.inf so came back to MikDima's post.

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