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    What it mean ? WARNING: vmnic2:TxI:160/155

    Serg01 Novice


      I have ESXi 6.5 U2 host and i observed many warning messages in vmkernel.log similar to:

      2018-11-27T10:06:07.785Z cpu7:66156)WARNING: vmnic2:TxI:160/155

      2018-11-27T15:35:40.474Z cpu16:66150)WARNING: vmnic0:TxI:87/86

      2018-11-27T20:15:45.442Z cpu24:66153)WARNING: vmnic1:TxI:103/101

      2018-11-27T21:15:49.784Z cpu18:66156)WARNING: vmnic2:TxI:103/103

      2018-11-28T00:18:49.924Z cpu0:66150)WARNING: vmnic0:TxI:395/390


      What it mean? Can it to be safely ignored or not?