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    mpt3sas and VVol PE warnings

    racom Enthusiast

      We have couple of Dell R630 with Dell 12Gbps SAS HBA connected to Compellent SCv2020. We use DELL-ESXi-6.0U3-5224934-A01 and mpt3sas driver instead of default lsi-msgpt3. I can see four "Sanity check failed for path vmhba2:C0:T[0,1]:L25[6,7]. The path is to a vVol PE, but it goes out of adapter vmhba2 which is not PE capable. Path dropped." messages every five minutes. I did not find any SAS I/O driver with Secondary LUNID (Enables VVols) feature in Compatibility Guide so I don't understand why this messages appear.  Is it a side-effect that an iscsi_vmk driver (VVol PE capable) is used on this hosts?