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    SRM- strange behaviour with SRM site- cannot see virtual machines in Protection Group

    JDMils_Interactive Novice

      I have the following site setup:


      vCenter Server:

      Ver:    5.5.0, build 2646482

      Hosts: VMware ESXi, 5.5.0, 3029944

      SRM: Ver:    2991419, Build 5.8.1


      I was asked to look into an issue where a Protection Group (PG) was showing an unconfigured virtual server so I investigated and could not enumerate the virtual servers of the PG. I clicked on:


      Site Recovery\Protection Groups - highlight the PG with the 6 configured servers and one unconfigured server - click on the Virtual Machines button and I get "This list is empty" ?????


      I even created a new PG and added 3 servers and when I try to view the servers in the PG I get the same thing.

      If I right-click any PG then the only option available to me is "+ Add Permission" and the others are greyed out.


      I'm signed in as the SSO administrator with FULL permissions.