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    Create AD user - LDAP error

    orian Enthusiast



      I use "Create a user with a password in an organizational unit" workflow for creating new users in the active directory.

      However, this workflow configures the account name and the user principle name with the same string I provided in account name field.


      for example I would like to create the account name: John Black

      and the user principle should be: johnb@contoso.com

      but the workflow creates:

      account name: John Black

      user principle: John Black@contoso.com


      I try to use the following line in order to change the user principle name:


      but I receive the following error:

      Ldap modification failed 000020B1: UpdErr: DSIS-030F1087,problem 6004(CANT_ON_RDN),data 0.

      Changing manually in the active directory works fine.


      By the way, other attributes like givenName, sn, displayName can be changed.