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    Upgrade process for an external Windows Update Manager 6.0 server to VCSA 6.7

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      Hi all,


      I am researching how to do an upgrade of a Windows vCenter (with embedded PSC) and an external Windows Update Manager server.


      I understand that you must first run the Migration Assistant on the Update Manager Server then you run the 6.7 vCenter installer on the Windows vCenter server and select Migrate.

      Or do you actually run the Migration Assistant then run the vCenter 6.7 installation setup afterwards on the same Update Manager server?


      I don´t understand what running the Migration Assistant actually does regarding the Update Mgr, does it export the configuration to a file that you then need to import into the VCSA or how does it work?


      What actually happens when you run the Migration Assistant on the Update Manager server as the VCSA 6.7 does not yet exist in that moment?


      Ideally I am trying to create a step-by-step list of each step required to do the Update from Windows to VCSA when the Update Manager is external as well.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me any hints as how I can get the steps?


      Thanks in advance.