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        JPCJon Lurker

        I have the same issue, BUT, recreating the backup job entirely on Nakivo still does not resolve the issue.


        All was fine until i refreshed my environment, migrated all hosts' compute and storage from vSphere 5.5 w/ a vmfs5 datastore to brand new hosts running 6.5 w/ a vmfs6 datastore. All my other hosts don't seem to have problems (at least 15 hosts are backing up using the same settings in Nakivo). The issue only persists on the VM that acts as my file server with one virtual disk that is GUID (NTFS) and 4 TB. That virtual disk WAS 2 TB when it was on the old vmfs5 datastore.


        Nakivo (despite multiple recreations of the backup job from scratch {i.e. not using existing backup chain}) will successfully back up the initial job, but then at some point in the following couple weeks (running incrementals using CBT change tracking every 2 hours) will randomly take 6+ hours to run a backup (despite the usual 5 min. incremental process it has been running since the initial backup) and then freeze on snapshot removal around 45%.


        Unfortunately, in my case, this actually LOCKS UP THE ENTIRE HOST that the VM's compute resources are assigned to (including the other VMs on that host. entirely unreachable) until i HARD REBOOT that host.


        I'm including my input here in the hopes we all may be able to come to some kind of conclusion for what is going on. I'm currently in the process of bringing up an entirely new file server to replace this VM, creating it from scratch using the new vmfs6 datastore in the hopes that the issue is simply due to the migration from vmfs5 to 6. I also don't believe this is a problem with Nakivo seeing that Nakivo simply sends an API call to vSphere. At that point, everything is in VMware's hands. So, i believe the issue must lie within VMware itself.


        please reply or post if you have any insight on this issue.

        thanks so much.

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          Effelito Novice

          Hi JPCJon,


          Did you ever find a solution?


          I just reinstalled my 6.5 due to a corrupt USB bootbank and I thought I give VMFS6 a go again. Sadly most of my guests had chrashed during last night backup in the same way as before. I did do a new backup chain but as in your case it didn't work.

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            Effelito Novice

            Updated to 6.7 and did a test on a simple linux guest. Full initial backup works great, second incremental fails because the snapshots are not consolidated after the first backup.

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