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    Nested virtualization on Workstation 14 PRO on AMD Ryzen

    TominoJ Novice

      Hello to all, I'm trying to build my own home lab for VMware solution testing, mainly to learn about the technologies and how to get arround them (install, configure, manage kind of stuff).

      My setup is as follows:

      CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700X, MB: Asrock X370 Taichi UEFI 4.80, 64 GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro with Workstation 14 pro installed atop of it (latest patches on both OS and workstation).


      I am able to install a virtual ESXi host (6.5U2) on top of the setup and it runs OK. But when I create a VM on top of this virtual ESX when the VM starts and after it tries to boot, the VM crashes and just powers off. Sometimes it goes through boot OK and starts to load the iso, but then the whole virtual ESX crashes. I tried importing a VM from template to the virtual ESX, but this has the same results.


      I tried a couple of UEFI version on the MB, different OS versions and Workstation versions, different OS iso files, but the results are still the same. I have another Intel based PC at home (old i5) and that one works OK and is able to run nested virtualization without any problem (same SW setup).

      Is this some limitation of the architecture, or is nested virtualization simply not allowed on Ryzen CPUs? Any way arround it, other than selling this setup and buying a new one?

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