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    Remove Windows Services

    RickVerstegen Expert



      We currently deployed the EPOPS agent to a couple of servers to monitor all Windows services by using the agent.properties which contains the line "windows.services.discover=true".

      Now we want to remove some of the Windows Services that don't need to be monitored anymore. How can we establish this in vROps? Do we need to change the agent.properties file?

      Can we do this in vROPs UI? If i go to the inventory explorer i can select a Windows Service to delete but how do i see which for which server I remove this Windows Service? For example VMware tools is monitored on all servers. There is no proper documentation to find about this.

      vROps version is 6.6.1.

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          mghal40 Novice

          Instead of setting "windows.services.discover=true", you may want to just enable discovery for specific services.



          windows.services.discover=ACCMService,ACCMWatcherService,ActivID Shared Store Service,CertPropSvc,CNG Key Isolation,KeyIso,EventSystem,COM+ System Application,COMSysApp,CryptSvc,DCOM Server Process Launcher,DcomLaunch,Dhcp,DPS,DiagTrack


          You will need to add the windows service names you want to monitor to this line in the agent.properties file. Each service name will need to be seperated by a comma(no space).


          You'll need to rebundle the EPOP agent deployment with the new agent.properties file, and copy the agent.properties file to all existing agents and then restart them.

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            RickVerstegen Expert

            Thanks for your reply but i know that you can do also specific services. If you do only specific services and you want to remove a service later on you still have the same issue.

            Removing a service from the agent.properties and restarting the EPOPS agent does not work. In the vROPS GUI the service is stil active/visible.

            I guess a workaround is to uninstall the agent, remove the complete object from vrops GUI and install the EPOPS agent with the services that you want in the agent.properties.

            You can imagine this a very time consuming time if you need to remove a service for many servers.

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              mghal40 Novice

              Ok, I believe we had a similar issue when we turned on all discovery items. If I remember correctly, we had to go into Inventory explorer stop and delete the unnecessary services and restart the agents. There were a few that didn't clean up that though. At that point, we had to look at the Identifier 1 variable for the remaining services and delete those. That seemed to catch everything.


              The only problem with this is that you still have to edit the agent.properties file to collect only what you are after.


              (The Identifier 1 checkbox had to be selected from the bottom left of the window as it didn't display by default.)