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    Is FT required for vROps

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      can FT be enabled for vROps on the cluster level?

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          RickVerstegen Expert

          No it is not required.

          I suggest to use vRealize Operations Manager HA (vROps cluster).

          vRealize Operations Manager supports high availability (HA) by enabling a replica node for the vRealize Operations Manager master node.

          When present, an HA replica node can take over the functions that a master node provides. When a problem occurs with the master node, failover to the replica node is automatic and requires only two to three minutes of vRealize Operations Manager downtime. Data stored on the master node is always 100% backed up on the replica node. In addition, with HA enabled, the cluster can survive the loss of a data node without losing any data.

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            eran23 Enthusiast
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            FT is not require , it is recommend to put the VROPS Cluster in Vsphere Cluster HA.

            will not recommend to go with VROPS HA Solution , you need very good reason to go with this path.


            The best configuration will be Master node + Remote collector to run the adapters.





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              sxnxr Expert

              Why not use vrops HA? Why would you need a very good reason? Personalty i would switch it to you would need a good reason to not use it. I have 4 instances all using vRops HA and never had a problem with it.

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                eran23 Enthusiast
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                you have 4 instance , i have install more them 500 VROPS Solutions.


                if it work good on your site that great news but VROPS is not mission critical application on most customers.


                there can be lots of reason why not do HA , did you know that you cant run Horizon View adapter on VROPS HA Cluster , do you know you need to double the Disk space you will need for your solutions ?


                really how you look at things :-)


                VMware vROps - To HA or not to HA?

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                  sxnxr Expert

                  I know all about the limitations and sizing. Was just wondering if there were any other reason for you flat " you should not use vrops HA" statement with no explanation.


                  We use vrops for our automatic ticket generation into service now and placement of VMs in our automated deployment process so for us it is critical.