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    Getting PowerShell Output into Dropdown

    kyleroberson Lurker


      So first of all thank you to all of you guys. I'm a couple of months into my Orchestrator journey and this forum has been immensely helpful.

      I'm trying to accomplish the following. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Invoke a PowerShell script via a PowerShellHost - my script requires an external module
      2. Parse the result of the output into an array
      3. Populate a dropdown with the results

      In plainer english:

      1. Run a script to pull a list of servers
      2. Clean up the output, get it into an array
      3. Present it to the user to select a server from a list
      4. Get their selection and run additional actions on the chosen server

      I've been working with the Predefined list of elements. I can link an action to it and have that be content of the dropdown. I'm guessing something similar will need to happen with PowerShell.