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    Found a great Topology creator for NSX

    derrellb Lurker

      Good Afternoon Everyone!


      I found on the VMware GitHub site 2 scripts that will capture all of the Information inside of NSX and imports them into Visio.


      powernsx/tools/DiagramNSX at master · vmware/powernsx · GitHub


      It is pretty neat.  You run the NSXCapture file against your NSX Manager.  It will gather all of the information, to include VM's, vDS, ESG's, DLR's, security groups, just to name a few, and puts the data into a zip file.  You will then run the NSXDiagram file and it will open up Visio and automatically place all of the information it gathered in a topology format. VMware stencils and all, and shows the relationship from all the gathered data.  You just have to move the stencils around to dress it up a bit.


      Im a little hesitant to run it in production but it runs perfectly fine in our test env.


      If you haven't seen this yet, it is a pretty cool script with very nice output that will save tons of time.