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    Question vmware esxi

    ricky89 Novice


      I managed to install vmware workstation pro and vmware esxi in my notebook to tell you the truth works perfectly and just test what I'm doing.

      My questions are as follows:

      1: my first notebook with 32 gigabytes of 4 cpu cores and nvidia GeForce MX 130 dedicated video card.

      Can I install vgpu nvidia GRID K2 or M60? Or create problems seen or dedicated MX 130?

      2: then if the laptop has an integrated gpu can you install nvidia GRID? Using vgpu in the cloud?

      I want these clarifications, thank you, and I await answers.

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          IRIX201110141 Master

          Aehmmm......  here is a picture of a nvidia k2 card. We have a couple of these.



          Iam sure they are laptops outthere which are smaller . Yes iam aware that laptops exists with a external GFX card.


          Nvidia "Grid" are based on certain cards like  m10,m40,vt100 together with a special driver for the esxi hypervisor. For using them you need a Horizon VDI environment with a Windows or Linux VM which than leverage dedicated vGPU or a shared vGPU.


          Yes you can use esxi passthrough to bring a PCIe Card into a VM. You always need a 2nd. GFX card in the Host.




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            ricky89 Novice

            I understood then I always need physical hardware, it seemed to me that these nvidia grid video cards were in the cloud so I used them online.

            Well now I provide a laptop with nvidia GTX 1050ti or 1050 or 1060.

            Thanks for the clarification answer

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              ricky89 Novice

              so I have to install horizon to get a gpu shared by nvidia grid right?

              seen I have the gpu mx 130 and I can try in the other notebook without a dedicated video card?

              Because nvidia grid I read from the official site lasts 90 days trial.