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      • 30. Re: vRops 6.7 and memory usage
        redsnapper76 Novice

        We are phasing the same issue

        We recently upgraded to version 7, where a "new" view was introduced 'business week workload' or Stress in previous versions.

        All our vm's are running FULL RED, which confuses our support guys 

        As the counter in the workload detail shows demand fully in red, this counter must be coming from "memory host demand" as here it shows also 100%

        Capacity = 36 GB
        Demand = 36 GB and demand is fully in red

        Capacity = 36 GB
        Demand = 36 GB

        Is there a way to change the "business week workload" view memory counter to something like Guest Memory Active, which is much more acurate to the real situation

        • 31. Re: vRops 6.7 and memory usage
          ooajala Enthusiast

          Hi Sunny,


          I was able to enable the old metric in policies; I see it now when I select All Metrics on a virtual machine but when I try to edit a View and I select the Data section > The Memory|Guest Active Memory (%) does not show.



          Any ideas?

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