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    ESXi 6.7 Portgroup Weirdness

    fletch8527 Lurker

      Recently I noticed that when I pull up a VM running on my ESXi 6.7 host that they have a yellow bar that states:

      This VM is attached to a network portgroup LAN that doesn't exist. Edit this VM and attach it to a different network.

      The weird thing is that the portgroup actually exists. But when I open the portgroup it shows no VMs assigned to it. When I pull up the console for the VM I confirmed that its network connection is actually working. But if I attempt to edit the VM it will auto switch the portgroup the the NIC to some other one.

      I ended up making a new portgroup with the same VLAN and switched my VMs over to that new portgroup. Once they were all moved over and confirmed working I deleted the original portgroup that wasnt working. Then I went back to a VM and got that damn yellow bar again but this time it was saying that the new portgroup doesnt exists.

      Any Ideas?