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    Donloaded .dmg file for upgrade error occred

    takeuchiken Lurker

      I'm going to upgrade Fusion 8.5.10 to Fusion 11.0.1, but facing the error after download it.

      downloaded file name : VMware-Fusion-11.0.1-10738065.dmg

      macOS 10.13.6

      The message from macOS like as "This files is broken so that you cannot open this file. you need to trash it."

      *I have used in Japanese OS, so I'm not sure in English message.

      Therefore, I cannot upgrade to Fusion 11.0.1.

      I guess the certification of dmg file is expired or different, or application is corrupt in the dmg file.

      I need help to resolve this.



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          bluefirestorm Master

          It might be the case that the installer is quarantined. Have a look at this article written by community moderator @wila


          VMware Fusion on macOS High Sierra - System Extension Blocked - PlanetVM

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            With that error message I'd say that the most likely reason is that the download did not go well and that the downloaded .dmg file is corrupted.


            You can verify it from the terminal via the md5 command.


            According to the download page at the website, the md5 hash should be: MD5SUM: 4f5fed0dab9a6ecaf7a8f35fe2434e13


            So I just downloaded it here and ran the test:


            $ md5 VMware-Fusion-11.0.1-10738065.dmg

            MD5 (VMware-Fusion-11.0.1-10738065.dmg) = 4f5fed0dab9a6ecaf7a8f35fe2434e13


            I can also mount the .dmg without errors.

            Will install it later today (typing this in a VM, so cannot continue until I shutdown my VMs)


            edit: ran the above installer and it worked fine for me.




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