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    Initial Datastore Setup

    CuriousUser Lurker

      I create a new datastore.  Before I even put anything on it, it already shows a gig or so in use.  What is that?



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          Dave_the_Wave Hot Shot

          Without diving into block sizes and how vmfs works, there's always going to be some overhead.


          There are also differences between metric bytes (which drive manufacturers use) vs. actual logical binary bytes. 1.0Tb is 1000000Mb, not 1048576Mb.


          If the lost 1Gb of storage is going to be an issue, you may want to use a larger drive so you can forget about it.

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            continuum Guru
            vExpertCommunity WarriorsUser Moderators

            in the root of a VMFS-volume you will a couple of hidden .sf files.

            This .sf files contain the VMFS-metadata.
            This files typically uses the first 800-1200 MBs of a VMFS-partition.
            Leave them alone unless you really really know what you are doing.