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    ESXi 6.7 on new Mac Mini 6 core challenges, AQC107 10Gbe driver for ESXi?

    Solidbrass Novice

      I'm working on trying to bring up one of the new Mac Mini's with the 6 core CPU and 64GB of RAM.  I currently have a cluster of 2013 Mac Pro's and thought this might be an interesting alternative.


      There are two hurdles so far.  First, like the iMac Pro, it is impossible to boot into recovery mode unless you have the latest generation of Apple keyboard with a lightning connector.  The device security features in the T2 will cause the machine to ignore any non-Apple input device during boot.  This includes the older hard wired Apple keyboards with the white chiclets. So if you plan to try this, you will also want one of the Apple wireless mice since you have to use it to navigate recovery mode so that you can turn off Apple signing enforcement and enable booting from external media.


      The second hurdle is that the configure-to-order 10Gbe NIC turns out to be an AQC107.  I have not had any luck finding an ESXi driver for this NIC.  It would be a shame to ignore a 10Gbe NIC!


      I am currently working on using a Thunderbolt connected NIC to get past the no NIC detected issue.