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    NSX-T (2.3) Questions for a Lab POC

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      Hey all have a few questions for setting up NSX-T in a lab.


      I have only 3 hosts to play with in lab.  vDS is in use and have 2 10GbE interfaces per host cabled to a single Nexus 9k TOR switch.


      I've been reading the early access validated design document:  Early Access: VMware Validated Design for NSX-T in a Workload Domain

      but still have a few questions.  I am used to NSX-v and everyone says forget about NSX-v when thinking about NSX-T.  Still struggling.


      1)  I have a "management" VLAN (2) where vCenter lives.  I'd like to put NSX-T Manager there also.  When it comes do deploying controllers I plan on deploying 3 controllers in my "management" VLAN(2).  Does management VLAN need any L2/L3 connectivity to TEP?


      2)  Validated design shows "Number of Physical NIC Ports" for TEP as "2".  Can these be the same two that I am doing all of my other traffic on?  Obvious points of contention without NIOC but can I still utilize ESXi hosts for compute (and N-VDS in this case) that only have 2 uplinks total?


      3) As above, do I HAVE to migrate vmkernels to N-VDS?


      4) Does my overlay transport VLAN (in this case a single TOR switch so, L2 really) need any L3 access to "management" VLAN(2) where vCenter, NSX-T Manager, and controllers reside?  I believe adjacency is needed only for Transport Nodes (ESXi here) to communicate Geneve encapsulated data but I want to be sure.  (oops realized this is the same question as #1, but I'll leave it anyhow)


      Thanks all!  I may add more as I comb through the docs further!