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    Hard drive expands far larger than snapshot on parent VM after committing snapshot

    PaulMurphyCO Novice


      VMware Horizon 7.5

      vSphere 6.7


      Created a parent VM - disk usage size about 27 GB when done.

      VM Hardware:  Hard disk 1 is 75 GB, thin provisioned, sitting on a VMFS 6 datastore.


      Take snapshot 1 for use with linked-clones - disk usage size in the vSphere Web Client shows about 27 GB.

      Take a second snapshot 2 with some updates and applications - disk usage size snapshot size is about 1.5 GB.


      If I delete/commit snapshot 1, the storage usage goes up to almost the entire hard drive size - 74.82 GB.


      I can do the sdelete/shrink disk to reclaim the disk space, but why would committing a snapshot that is no where near the size of hard drive cause the hard drive to expand to its full size?


      Thanks for any help.