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    App Stacks Creations being canceled due to using the Local Admin account on my provisioning machine

    robsisk1972 Enthusiast

      Hello Gents,

      Brand new to App Volumes but am excited to see what it can do.    After setting up AppVolumes per documentation, I attempted to create my first app stack but it failed.  Actually it was cancelled...Atleast that's what it yields in the interface.   I was using the local admin account to capture the stack and received errors in the logs to this effect:





      I get these errors consistently, if I logon to the provisioning machine with the local admin account.   If I use a domain user, the app stack does build perfectly.  I do not want to use a domain account as much unwanted GP may sneak in during the capture.   Is it possible to use a local account on the provision machine to capture installations and if so, any idea of what I might do to get this to work. 


      Thanks in advance for your time!