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    Unable to find the license purchasing options

    hakhtar7 Lurker

      I was trying to buy a license for my VMware ESXi 6.5.0 host/server machine. The state shown on the host's web is Normal (Not connected to any vCenter Server, I don't want to use that either). Right now the server is in evaluation mode (aprox. 30 days remaining). I tried logging-in to the myVMware account and searched for ESXi but didn't got any matching product names, there were some courses and upgrading things. Can someone please guide me to the process? Also, the free license key that is included as Hypervisor, Can I use that too? I am just running a host with 4 VMs and nothing else special but those VMs are serving the commercial purposes. I know the limitations of this Hypervisor license, and I am ok with that.


      I know where to put the key after getting it, so please do not show me those links. I need to know the place where I can really BUY the license or if I can use the free one?