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    VCSA 6.7U1 deployment error - Failed to run vdcpromo

    BurningSky Novice

      I am trying to deploy a VCSA on version 6.7U1 but I keep running into the same issue, stage 1 runs fine but when I start stage 2 I get the error " Failed to run vdcpromo ". I downloaded the logs and error.log shows:

      No file found matching /etc/vmware/install-defaults/cm.url

      No file found matching /etc/vmware-vpx/vcdb.properties

      No file found matching /etc/vmware-vpx/vc-extn-cisreg.prop

      I had a look at other posts with similar errors and they suggest the special characters in the SSO administrator might be causing the issue but I have tried different characters and combos but I get the same error each time.

      I redownloaded the iso to see if it was an iso issue but that made no difference. I even tried other version of 6.7 but got the same error for them too.

      I am trying to host it on a R620 running 6.7.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!