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    Windows VC 6.5 to VCSA 6.7 - Error while disabling jobs

    cluey Novice

      Hi Everyone, I've recently attempted to migrate a fairly small Windows vCenter implementation (embedded PSC & local SQL 2014 DB) to VCSA 6.7.


      All the pre-migration checks come back fine, deployment of the VCSA is fine and all goes well.

      Data and configuration export starts, the installer displays "Copy data from source vCenter to target vCenter Server" and is at 42%. then we get an error message with a vague resolution suggestion.



      The logs pretty much just repeat the error message seen here, but with some specific details showing the most recent tasks. Specifically:


      File "C:\mig51F4.tmp\PFiles\VMware\CIS\cis_upgrade_runner\payload\component-scripts\vcdb\vcdb_db_utils.py", line 883, in disable_jobs


        raise PermanentError(cause=error, resolution=sugg_action)

      PermanentError: Error while disabling jobs: disable_jobs(cur_odbc, con_odbc, args.rdbms)


      I've done quite a few VCSA migrations over the past year or so and not seen this before. Anyone got any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance.


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          cluey Novice

          if anyone's interested I got to the bottom of this.


          Seems the SQL permissions for the user account used for the ODBC DSN had been modified from its original configuration. Consequently the user account didn't have the relevant permissions to the MSDB DB in order to query and disable jobs.


          Once the DBAs assigned the correct permissions the migration went through fine.