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    Protect VM with RDM disk in SRM

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/Site-Recovery-Manager/6.1/com.vmware.srm.admin.doc/GUID-4CD2EBC8-1B03-48A2-987D-CA44C1AF1184.html

      Topic Name : Site Recovery Manager and Virtual Machines Attached to RDM Disk Devices

      Publication Name : Site Recovery Manager Administration

      Product/Version : Site Recovery Manager/6.1

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      Apparently, SRM supports RDM.  Where could I get the configuration procedure?

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          in the provided documentation is described what RDM is supported and not for SRM and VR. Once you have supported RDM configuration, you can see the RDM disk in the Protection Group -> Virtual Machines -> VM Protection settings. Depends on RDM disk replication you may need to attach or detach disk on the remote site.


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