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      • 75. Re: Intel CPU bug - VMware fix on the way?
        colinsmith Lurker

        I really wonder why so many are so concerned if they think of the issue.

        IF two threads hit one core in a hyperthreaded CPU at the same time

        IF one is a hacked thread

        IF no context switches happen

        IF the hacked thread can dump the L1 cache data

        IF that date contains useful data and is transfered

        IF it's accessed and makes it through all other security measures and firewalls

        IF it's decoded

        IF it's useful

        THEN it's a problem

        Lot's of IF's and random happenings

        So ESXi has can stop scheduling for hyperthreads

        It's doesn't schedule for hyperthreading  (in the best/worst case situation that's maybe a 30% decrease in performance)

        My guess is they'll code for selective hyperthreading, IF a VM is multicored then it'll let it hypertheard and let the OS deal, But not let cross VM hyperthreading unless Intel fixes the microcode.

        • 76. Re: Intel CPU bug - VMware fix on the way?
          Dave_the_Wave Hot Shot

          Older CPUs that Intel has no intention of addressing microcodes, do they take any performance hit on patched VIBs?


          Can late builds of ESXi have its patches "disabled"?


          I'd rather let backups protect everything, and leave ESXi running without bandaids.

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