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    Horizon View Client - Double authentication prompt

    Lalegre Enthusiast

      I am having this strange issue with Horizon View only behind a Load balancer. This is mi scenarios.


      - 1 UAG with an IP of DMZ and a DNAT created to access from outside. This appliance is pointing to the Load Balancer and has the certificates from both Connection Servers loaded.

      - 1 NSX Load Balancer with an IP of DMZ. It has 2 Connection Servers as members. Only redirecting port 443.

      - 2 Connection Servers with an IP on LAN.


      The issue here is that when i connect from outside, pointing to the UAG. I authenticate and the Connection Servers bring me the Desktop Pools back but when i select the Desktop Pool, the authentication prompts again and then i can connect into my VDI.


      Does anybody now why i have this "Double authentication process"


      Thanks in advance