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    Vcenter don't restart with problem with SSO

    renaudbouchard Lurker



      After a crash of an ESX, the vcenter won't restart.


      It's look a problem with authentification with SSO.


      I try to follow this KB: VMware Knowledge Base


      but whith the command : repoint.cmd configure-vc --lookup-server https://ssso121e.xxxx.xxx:7444/sso-adminserver/sdk --user "admin@System-Domain" --password "...xx...x" --openssl-path "C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Inventory Service\bin/"


      [+3074] INFO  |  Intializing registration provider...
      [+3074] INFO  |  Getting SSL certificates for https://ssso121e.xxxx.xxxx:7444/sso-adminserver/sdk
      [+3698] DEBUG |  Establishing socket connection to ssso121e.xxxxx.xxxx/ Timeout is 60000
      [+3947] DEBUG |  Creating VMODL client for LookupService
      [+4602] ERROR |  Abnormal command failure: exception `Request version 'urn:lookup/1.0' and namespace 'urn:lookup' are not supported' of type class com.vmware.vim.binding.vmodl.fault.InvalidRequest com.vmware.vim.binding.vmodl.fault.InvalidRequest: Request version 'urn:lookup/1.0' and namespace 'urn:lookup' are not supported


      Do you have an idea?