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    Horizon Client and 'degraded performance' on client Win10 x64 PC

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      I am new to this community and could not find a similar problem on this forum.


      I am running VMWare Horizon 4.9 client on my home Win10 x64 PC for remote access to my corporate VDI. Some time ago (back on v.4.8) I started to observe 'degraded PC performance' - my home PC's performance, not the VDI I was connecting to.


      Such 'degraded performance' only reproduces when I have active Horizon session running, the moment I 'disconnect' via Horizon client the problem disappears. Nothing in my home PC's  task manager (CPU, memory, disk, network etc. ) would indicate spikes that could help explain this. In the past,  disconnecting in Horizon client and then restarting my home PC would solve this for some time  but not anymore.


      By 'degraded performance' I am referring to items like lags when using mouse buttons, slower-than-usual Chrome response (when switching tabs or opening new ones) , video stuttering in sites like YouTube or dropped FPS (frames per second) in video games such as StarCraft II when tested.


      I contacted my company's IT support but they could not advise on anything similar and suggested uninstallling Horizon client, deleting any leftover %appdata% and C:\ VMware folders and  then installing  the 4.9 version again. There was no change.


      Any ideas or suggestions on this would be most welcome.