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    I have an older 2011 27 inch iMac, BUT....

    Stevamundo Hot Shot

      Sometime last year I asked about the future verisons of Fusion when my Mac Map app came up black in Fusion 10  in my Sierra VM. Specifically I ask why is my map is totally black. Somebody wrote back and said hopeful in the future versions of Fusion will improve the graphics in macOS VMs.


      So I upgraded to Fusion 11. Unfortunately I still have the same damn problem in my map app in my Sierra VM. So here's my question. Did you guys fix the graphics in the macOS VMs at all? Or is hardware is too old to take advantage of your new software?


      BTW, what's up with "no memory for more VMs" or something like that. I have 32GBs. I had no problems like this in Fusion 10.