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    Feature Request: Additional TouchBar button choices

    raiford Enthusiast

      I created an official feature request for this but I wanted to share it here as well.  Hopefully others would also find this behavior useful.


      VMWare Fusion now allows configuring the Mac TouchBar.  This is great news, but it still isn't as useful as it could be.  There are a couple options that would really enhance the Fusion experience.


      1) Close VM button - There is not currently an easy way to close a full screen VM while inside the VM.  CMD+W doesn't work since it is usually associated with closing a window (maps to CMD+W on Mac, or ALT+F4 on Windows/Linux).  This could be mapped to something else, but then you would lose the immersion.  Adding the close VM button to the TouchBar would make this a one-click operation.  Currently I have to run my mouse to the top of the screen and wait for the toolbar to appear then click the close window button.  Please consider this as it would improve peoples workflows who spend all day working with VM's.


      2) Function keys - It is possible to hit the fn key to show the function keys and it is possible to generically configure the Mac to show function keys by default.  Some VM's require constant use of the function keys and others don't.  Unfortunately the current state doesn't allow for this.  It would be nice if the VM could be configured to show all function keys, but a nice compromise could be to add each function key to the list of available buttons and we could build a custom set.