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    vRealize Operations Manager 6.7 - Capacity Remaining Missing

    commguy101 Lurker

      We updated VROPS from 6.6 to 6.7. One of the main uses we have for VROPS is a reference to review showing overall capacity utilization for our clusters, accounting for HA. We use very frequently to help us determine when we need to buy new hosts, and how much compute resources we have left on a cluster.


      The section I'm referring to is under Environment > Analysis > Capacity Remaining. This would list out some key items; Total Capacity (CPU and RAM), Buffers (We had set to 5%), Usable Capacity (Taking in to account HA of losing one host in cluster + 5% buffer), Peak value (over past 30 days), and Remaining GHz and RAM on the cluster (Usable capacity - Peaks).


      The section is no longer there, now we just have a generic line graph. There's no list showing actual values of CPU/RAM peak usages or usable capacity available anymore. This was a quick go to for us to see how much CPU and RAM we had available on our clusters.


      Is there somewhere else to be looking now?