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    Odd little error

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      since the introduction of a new cluster we have been receiving the following error in our Provider VDC.


      We are running over vSphere 6.5U2c and NSX 6.4.1


      any ideas as a pointer for what haystack to lookin for the needle

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          IamTHEvilONE Champion

          I'd just start by looking at the available net pools from the Provider vs that this OvDC is in.  Then see if it's connectable if you were to place a VM/host into it.


          I think it'll be somewhere along the lines of the Distributed Switch or NSX isn't spanned to one or some ESXi hosts in the resource pool/provider.


          It's been a long time since I've seen this ... and don't work at VMware any more to dig deeper than my memory serves (stupid page faults).


          If it's a new message ... was anything changed recently?  (resources added/changed)