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    vRO REST API: querying workflows by categoryID

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      In PowervRO we have a function Get-vROWorkflow which uses the vRO REST API to query workflows:


      PowervRO/Get-vROWorkflow.ps1 at master · jakkulabs/PowervRO · GitHub


      One of the options is to query by categoryName using the following URL:




      We have a request to enhance this function to instead be able to query by categoryID. I tried the following, but it did not work and also could not find any documentation on how to discover what other 'conditions' are available:




      Is it possible to query the workflows API using a categoryId as a condition? If so, how should it be formed?

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          iiliev Champion
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          Hi Jonathan,


          Workflow's properties that could be used in this conditional filtering are id, name, description, categoryName and version. So currently it is not possible to use categoryId in a condition, unless we add some code to do so on vRO server side (feel free to open a PR about it).


          There is a workaround, though. You can get the same result in two steps:


          1) Make a GET request to fetch the category with the given categoryId. It could be something like:

          GET /vco/api/catalog/System/WorkflowCategory?conditions=id=ff80808165ed93fd0165ed955493000f


          The returned response content should contain a href to the category object. Look for a link element that looks similar to:

          <link href="" rel="down">


          2) Using the value of this href element, append workflows at its end (that's the name of the relation from the category to its child workflows). The URL should look like:



          Now, if you make GET request with this URL, you'll get the list of workflows that are within this category.


          Hope the above makes sense.

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            jmedd Enthusiast

            Excellent, that works great - thanks a lot!