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        Mikero Master
        VMware Employees

        It does not support dark mode yet, but we're aiming to get it in a point release.


        The issue is this: In order to take advantage of it, you actually have to build your app with the latest version of Xcode which shipped (GA) yesterday.


        We can't build our release software (which has to be certified, FIPS compliant, etc etc...) using beta Xcode, so we had to wait until that version of Xcode went GA to start work on it.


        Apple made things fairly simple it looks like, so we're hoping this is a trivial code change to support.

        The team is working on it as I type this =)

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          SvenGus Expert

          Very good!

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            yassinex Lurker

            transparency, professionalism ! I like it. kudos to VMF team !

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