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    Regression: ssh results in broken pipe upon connecting in Vmware Workstation pro

    me_tomas Lurker

      Environment: Fedora 28 as VM in VMware Workstation Pro 14

      After a recent upgrade of openssh to version 7.8 ssh connections are not longer working as expected. This does not happen with a native Fedora instance.


          packet_write_wait: Connection to XXXX port 22: Broken pipe


      The cause for this seems to come from a change introduced in openssh 7.8 listed under potentially incompatible changes: (from OpenSSH 7.8 released [LWN.net] )


      * ssh(1)/sshd(8): the default IPQoS used by ssh/sshd has changed.

         They will now use DSCP AF21 for interactive traffic and CS1 for

         bulk.  For a detailed rationale, please see the commit message:




      Bug 1624437 – 7.8p1-1.fc28 breaks ssh connections to other systems when client is running on VMware Player/Workstation


      For me, this happens both in NAT and bridged mode.

      Please fix this issue.