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    OS restart Monitoring/Alarm

    muhammadusmana Lurker
      Can we configure a monitor and alarm so that when an operating system in the VM restarts the alarm is triggered??
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          daphnissov Guru
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          Not out of the box. You'd probably have to use the EpOps agent and a custom script to detect when that event occurred. There might be other ways as well, but if there are no OOTB metrics collected for this event (which I don't believe there are) then you'll need to find an alternative.

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            dtaliafe Hot Shot

            There's a metric for OS Uptime that should get reset if the VM is restarted.  If it is less than roughly 300 seconds (over a 5 minute collection interval) that should be a good indication that the VM was restarted.  I say "roughly" 300 seconds because I've seen it be slightly higher than 300 after a VM was restarted.  I assume this might be due to slight variances in collection times and the OS restarting very quickly.  I would probably alert if it is under 600 seconds or more and allow the alarm to take two or more collection cycles to clear.


            You might also be interested in this article that goes into detail about creating a super metric to monitor VM availability.

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