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    Custom Email Templates - Filter on object group

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      I need to implement Custom Email Templates within vROps to add more information into the alerts.


      I need to trigger this custom template for all issues with a group of objects.


      I've reviewed this KB https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2125759 but the example filtering only shows options to filter on alert types & alert sub types. I actually want to filter so that all alerts are emailed out for objects in a particular group.


      I've also had a look at the Email Template Manager fling but this has similar restrictions (Rules can only be created on Alert status and Alert type / sub type)


      I would think that the functionality is possible because you can do this in the GUI, I just don't see how it is possible to set this up via the REST API.


      Open to any ideas!

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          dtaliafe Hot Shot

          Out of the box I don't think there's a way to filter templates on a group of objects.  One other parameter that is specified in the email template condition is the recipient's email address.  You could potentially use different email addresses for the notifications setup in the GUI.  I haven't done this myself, but I have noticed that if the email address in my notification rule in the GUI doesn't match the condition I created for the email template it doesn't use my custom template and sends the default email format.  So it appears to also use the email address as a filter.  This certainly isn't ideal, but if you have the flexibility to create different group emails for each group of objects it might be workable.