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    vCenter Server 6.7 + issue applying patches

    coopscivic Lurker



      I have a vCenter Server 6.7 Virtual Appliance running within my environment. It is currently on build I am trying to install the vCenter Server 6.7.0d patch (Build 9451876). It looked like it was going fine. I checked back a few hours later as the system indicated vCenter will be unavailable for 91 minutes while it performed the upgrade. When I got back, it appeared as if it did not patch based on checking the CPU performance. I tried to manually install the patch by mounting the patch as an ISO to the appliance and executing the "software-packages --stage iso" and "software-packages install --stage" commands. When it runs the install, it says:


      Command> software-packages install --staged

      [2018-09-05T02:11:10.248] : Validating software update payload

      [2018-09-05T02:11:10.248] : Validation successful

      [2018-09-05 02:11:10,062] : Copying software packages  [2018-09-05T02:11:10.248] : ISO mounted successfully


      [2018-09-05T02:11:10.248] : ISO unmounted successfully

      [2018-09-05 02:11:10,546] : Running test transaction ....

      [2018-09-05 02:11:11,595] : Running pre-install script.....

      [2018-09-05 02:12:07,729] : Upgrading software packages ....

      [2018-09-05T02:12:08.248] : Package update failed

      [2018-09-05 02:12:08,738] : Starting all services ....

      [2018-09-05T02:17:45.248] : Services started.

      [2018-09-05T02:17:45.248] : Installation process failed at upgrade stage



      If I try to rerun the iso directly from the appliance web url, It shows the error "Update installation failed, vCenter is non-operational" at the backup vCenter Server Stage.

      I tried using any of the previous builds of vCenter Server appliance 6.7 with the same result.

      I also tried rebooting the appliance.


      Note: I am able to login to vCenter Server and manage the environment with no issues. The only thing that appears to be having some issues is applying updates to the appliance.


      I downloaded the support bundle but do not know where in the bundle the logs are located. Any help would greatly be appreciated.