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      • 30. Re: VCSA 6.5 : "Failed To Configure Network"
        CERKYR Enthusiast

        Then,I must review the place to deploy the VCSA.

        Even in a lab, the performances are very bad with Workstation Pro; it's not useful.
        (One day, I hope to understand why VMware doesn't improve the Vm performances like VCSA Inside a Workstation)
        (A other day, I hope to understand  why VM Servers 2.0 (10 years ago) has disappeared.)


        Is it possible to deploy the VCSA to 2 VM inside each ESXi ? (Then 2 FQDN, ..., etc)
        The goal is to introduce a good availabilty of the VCSA functionnalities if one of the 2 ESXi are down (crash or something else).


        A other question : is it possible to deploy a VCSA directly on physical server, through a USB key ?
        In fact, we have some "old" servers that can be used to..



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