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    vm performans

    goodface Enthusiast

      we have 5.5 esxi u2 . there are 6 vms on esxi host. esxi host has 2x10 cpu so 40 vcpu.on esxi all VMs has 52 vcpu.

      one vm has 32 vcpu and cpu ready %15.    100% CPU usage (as shown in the guest linux OS) but vrealize says everytime %50-60 usage.

      vm has bad performans. Can i learn all your advice ? why os cpu is %100 and vrealize says 20 vcpu is enough ? 

      Reducing the number of CPUs also reduces the CPU usage of the operating system ?? For example, 40-50%

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          yunya09 Enthusiast

          Can  you login esxi with ssh ,run  esxtop to troubleshooting.

          may be those resons possible more likely  :

          1、storage performace issue  (check  the %VMWAIT)

          2、assign too much vCPU     (check the %CSTP )

          3、CPU limit setting              (check  the %MLMTD)

          and  the other reson , like   whether  vmtool is to install  or out of date ....


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            Umesh Expert


            If you have assign all your VM's with Single CPU single Core then you should at-least change it for the VM's having high count of CPU's.


            Like if you want to configure VM's with 8 CPU then would recommend to configure as 4 CPU with 2 core or 2 CPU with 4 core.

            So in you environment 32 CPU can be assign as 4 CPU with 8 core.


            If you are having 8 CPU to single VM with single core then it will wait for the vmkernel to release all the 8 CPU to complete the task but if you are increasing the core and not CPU then it will act fast because of hyper threading.


            You can try changing the CPU and check the performance

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              ferexderta Enthusiast



              can you show the pictures sample and do you need these settings in 6.0 and later ? or i ask another vm experts ?