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    Set Vrm.DataCenter.Location based off of other Blueprint properties set by User?

    dgberrid Novice

      Hello, how can you set the Vrm.DataCenter.Location (or any property for that matter) to a *single* value based off of user input on a Blueprint. 

      What I would like to do is set the Vrm.DataCenter.Location based off of a location property set in a dropdown by the user and a hidden property set on the blueprint.

      My location dropdown has 2 values: North and South, the blueprint will have a statically set property which describes what type of server the blueprint is going to provision. This could be web, middle, db, etc. The combination of the location and the type will be used to set the Vrm.DataCenter.Location. So if the user has set the location to North on the type 'web' blueprint the Vrm.DataCenter.Location will be set to North-web. I would like this to be done transparently in the background (Vrm.DataCenter.Location should be hidden).

      I am able to set the Vrm.DataCenter.Location setting its type to a dropdown and binding the other two properties as inputs to the external source using a vRO action but this forces Vrm.DataCenter.Location to be a dropdown but I don't want this. For one Vrm.DataCenter.Location will always be a single value once a user selects North or South and secondly you can't set a default value on the dropdown when it is populated by an external vRO action which would force the user to have to select the single element in the dropdown!

      I know you can use xml value expressions but I would really, really like to use vRO.