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    Date format in workflow where user selects a date from calendar

    gbeke Novice


      I'm working on a simple workflow that lets the user select a date.

      The input type is set to date, and when I look at the date in the system log it looks like this "Fri Sep 21 2018 13:17:17 GMT+0200 (CEST)". I only need the date, not the time, and ideally it should be in this format: dd.mm.yyyy.


      Iv'e tried using split, but get this message "Cannot find function split in object". I'm guessing I need to convert the date object to a string but I'm struggling to find out how to do that. With a virtual machine object I do it by assigning vm.name to a new variable. I've been unable to find out if I can do the same with date.


      Any suggestions on how to accomplish this will be greatly appreciated. I would like to have the user select a date from a calendar if possible, but I'm open to other ways to accomplish this.


      Thanks in advance.