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    vIDM can't login to appliance manager

    paulc1 Novice

      I'm running vIDM


      My problem is I can't login to the appliance manager.


      I have reset the passwords of root, sshuser, and admin to all the same thing. I log in as "admin" to vIDM successfully, and then I click to manage the appliance (Appliance Settings -> Manage Appliance) and it brings up a password only box with no username to input. Using the same password I set above and it fails.


      Does anyone know where I can reset this?

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          defmania Novice

          The password only box requires the admin password as input. I'm assuming you're using a simple setup, not a load balanced one here.

          Is your password using a proper password policy (lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters)? If not, one thing to try is reset the admin password to a password which has all those and give it one more try.

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            paulc1 Novice

            When I said I reset the admin password, I used the reset password button in the vidm user manager and used the reset email.


            I figured the local admin in the directory was the same admin as the manager appliance, but its not! So there are actually 4 internal accounts I need to keep track of.


            Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Ran the admin password change command from ssh and it worked fine.