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    Snapshot name and creator dashboard

    forcerk Novice

      I'm looking forward to create a dashboard which will tell me which VM does have a snapshot and who created it. As well it should provide me the information of the Snapshot name.

      For virtual maschines there is a porpertiy for snapshot name and creator. But when I try to add this to a view then I can't select this properties.


      I do have a PowerCLI script which does this but I would rather like to have it as a dashboard then running the script every now and then.

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          sxnxr Master

          I have not found a way to do this yet.


          There are several metrics that you can see in the policy but for some reason you cant see them against any objects. My guess is they were added but not fully implemented due to time constraints to get the product released. You may see them in 7.0