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    Is a VM being held back by Resource Restrictions?

    vmLearnding Lurker

      Hi All


      Just wondering if there is an easy way to determine whether a VM is experiencing resource restrictions due to any resource preferences (eg Shares, Reservations, Limits)?


      At the moment I am running Get-VMResourceConfiguration and examining any Resource Pools Get-ResourcePool the VM is a part of but this just tells me whether the resource preferences are in place, not whether they are actively being utilised. I understand these preferences can be set at the VM and Resource Pool level, are there any other places I should be checking?


      Example: if the Resource Pool has a limit of 2GHz where two VMs reside (no limits specified on the VM level), the VMs are completely consuming the Resource Pool allocation, is there a performance counter that shows the VM is being held back by the restrictions in place? This is not a real world example and I don't have any intention of implementing restrictions in this way, it is for learning and performance troubleshooting purposes :-)


      Thanks in advance for your help