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    Passed 3V0-622

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      I passed the test with a 335!  That was maybe the most exhausting test I've ever taken.  I've been back home for a few hours already and I'm still recovering.


      The strategy that I went into the test with is that I'd get through my first run as quickly as I could to leave a lot of time for review.  If I looked at a question for more than three minutes and didn't feel like I was getting close to coming up with an answer then I skipped it.  Using this method I made it through the test in just over an hour.  I was feeling really confident at that point, but that ended soon after I started reviewing.  It had been so easy to make snap judgments about what the answers were but when I really started to spend time considering my answers they felt less obvious.  I'm not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I went through and changed a lot of my answers but it all worked out.


      I felt like the questions were all things that I studied for or should have studied for!  There were several topics that I didn't do much more than glance at while studying and had no real world experience with.  I figured I'd run into topics like that since there was just so much to study but I didn't feel like any of the topics were unfair.


      Thanks again to everyone who helped me out and I hope I can help others out in the future!




      PS, I decide to attach my notes here as well.  They include a ton of links to the different resources I used for studying.  I normally do share my notes after taking a test but I was hesitant for this one because I really did have a hard time studying and dissecting the material for relevant information.  My notes are probably quite confused with certain definitions or facts being repeated or maybe even contradicting each other at times.  But, if anyone wants to try and parse through them for helpful info I wish you luck!  I studied for about 5 months on and off from a wide variety of sources so again, expect to see inconsistencies in these notes and if you see something you're not sure about make sure to do your own research to verify it.