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    Trying to upgrade vmware vsphere replication via WWW and CLI and both are failing

    swspjcd Enthusiast

      I have been trying to get vsphere replication to upgrade itself via www and also via the vamicli command line. Both return the same error:

      Last Check:
      Last Check:

      Failed to check for updates(Error downloading manifest. Please contact your vendor. The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found URL: https://vapp-updates.vmware.com/vai-catalog/valm/vmw/05d561bc-f3c8-4115-bd9d-22baf13f7178/ on Thursday, 2018 August 30 16:44:47 UTC-4


      I verified there is no proxy configured and I was able to do a nslookup from within the appliance. I was also able to ping vapp-updates.vmware.com from the appliance. I tried disabling iptables but still no luck. I know the product is free, but it still feels very buggy. Even once I got replication working, I still get random errors which require rebooting the appliance. Currently I have v8.1.0.6060 build 8744176 installed but this issues described above have been similar on all builds I have tried so far.

      I can't imagine I am the only one with these issues. Any ideas?