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    vSphere 6.5 + few NIC 10G = slow network speed

    malefik Enthusiast

      Hello, colleagues!

      1. We have:

      - VCSA

      - a few ESXi, 6.5.0, 8935087

      - 2 physical switches DELL FORCE10 S4810 (switches are combined in LAG)

      - 2 NIC 10G Intel X520 (82599) on each host (each NIC is connected to different physical switches)

      - everywhere included MTU9000


      2. At the level of dSwith is configured:

      - association of NIC in LAG (active mode, Load Balancing: source and destination ip address tcp/udp port and vlan)

      - Private VLAN port group, all the necessary settings are also made on physical switches.


      3. Test machines Windows Server 2012R2 with adapters vmxnet3 (VM version 13) and VMware-tools-10.2.5-8068406 have been prepared. All machines are located on the same subnet and in the same port group.


      So, should I get the total speed between hosts around 20G and a similar speed between virtual machines?



      - I'm testing iperf between hosts - speed about 8G

      - I'm testing iperf between VMs hosted on the same host - speed 3-3.5G

      - I'm testing iperf between VMs hosted on different hosts - speed only 1-2G


      What could be the problem?